Recessed Lights Company in Reno, NV

Recessed lighting is a great way to add a touch of elegance and class to any room in your home or office. At D and L Electric, Inc, our recessed lighting is designed to enhance the look and value of your space while providing the comfortable, functional, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere you're looking for.

Thorough, Detailed Installation Service

At D and L Electric, Inc, we pride ourselves on being prompt, thorough, and efficient in every installation job we undertake. No matter the size or layout of your space, we can design a solution to make sure it's well-lit. Our recessed lighting installation rates are reasonable and affordable; and with us, appointments are easy to schedule.

Don't settle for outdated lighting that detracts from your interior's aesthetic appeal. Call D and L Electric, Inc to request an estimate and learn more about the recessed lighting solutions we have to offer.